Virgin Teacher

Published March 20, 2014 by oni001

Let me tell about the teacher. She is 26 and 5’6 in height and very beautiful she had a sexy figure of 36-28-34(which she told later) she used to teach me and we were very good friends as i used to talk to her freely.

I am a guy of height 5’9 with a regular fit body but was chubby and a little chubby brownish color skin. I didn’t have any GF’s as i thought it was a waste of time.

I used to call her didi as she was only 6 yrs. elder to me and didn’t have any intention but 1 fine day. It was a Sunday and i went to her home as my exams were there so i went to her home no one was there except her she opened the door and i stunned she was wearing a tight fit t-shirt and a skinny jeans. I greeted her she invited me inside i went inside and started studying.

I didn’t understand a problem so i asked her she came close to me kept her hand on my right shoulder and bent down to explain her hair were all over my face so she adjusted her hair by putting her hair on her back by this time i was able to see her cleavage. She explained to me and sat at her sofa she went inside her room and came back after 20 mins so i asked her what happened she told nothing just had to do some work. I studied and went back home normal at night while i was sleeping i got flashbacks of her cleavage so i got up and saw that my cock was hard like rock. That night i wasn’t able to sleep.

Next day was my last exam i wrote my exam nicely and was coming back home when i saw her with another guy on the back of a bike so i thought that must be her brother or some relative as she used to say to me that she didn’t have any bf’s.

So i went to her home as usual. I rang the bell she didn’t open, then again i tried she didn’t open; so there was a window i peeped through it and saw that she was on the sofa and had one hand on her cunt and in another she had a phone. She was masturbating so from that day i started making a plan to fuck her.

My results were out and i passed in my final exams with a good margin so i bought sweets and went to her home i rang the bell she opened and she was standing in just a towel. Her nipples were pointing out and i knew that she was masturbating. So she welcomed me and made me sit and went inside to change.

When she returned she was just simply beautiful she was wearing a blue top that was hanging up to her knees and a blue jeans her parts were more visible in tight clothes.

She: ohh hero what happened?

I: didi i passed with 80 percent

She: congo where is the treat

I: i bought sweets na where is aunty?

She: she is out with uncle for cousin’s marriage and will return at 12 at night

I: u didn’t go?

S: i wasn’t feeling well so i didn’t go by the way where my gift is

I: which gift?

S: i prepared u for your exam i desire a gift (saying this she gave a naughty smile)

I: what does u want? (Saying this i kissed on her right cheek)

S: what was that?

I: gift

S: that was a very small gift i want big gift

I knew what she meant so i told what big gift she got up and closed every window and the door and went in and bought a chocolate and told me lets share it and placed it in btw our mouths and started eating it.

I knew that she wanted to have sex so pretended to be very innocent and took only one bite she just ate the whole chocolate and started kissing on my lips so in return i also kissed her and we kissed for 10mins she was biting my lips i was biting her lips.

She told enough and started taking out my pant i said what is the hurry and caught and kissed on her neck she was enjoying it and moaning aaaaaaahhhhhh ah ah i caught her boobs and pressed them hard she was telling more hard aah aah then i took out her top and she was wearing a black bra i started kissing her boobs from the top and then put my hand inside and messaging her nipples.

They became hard and were pointing out hard then i removed her bra and began to suck her right boob she was screaming with pleasure and telling suck it like a baby come on faster aah aah aah aah then i switched to her left boob then i took both of them together.

Then i placed my hand on her pussy it was wet on the outside on the pant then i told her saw u masturbating on that day and wanted to fuck u from that day she replied yes i saw u sanding that is why i chose to have u .

Saying thus she removed my shirt and placed her hand on my pant and on my cock that was half erected she told naughty boy only half erection u don’t find me sexy i told no u are really sexy but till now u didn’t touch my cock na.

She told oh really and took my pant out and started to lick from top of underwear i said please don’t mess with me she slide my undie and started to give me hand job so i told suck it so she began sucking my cock i was in heaven and before a few days i didn’t had the t that a beauty would suck my cock from where did u learn this she told blue films she then went inside and bought chocolate syrup and poured it on my tool and began sucking it an ice cream by the way my tool is 6.5 inches.

So she was sucking my cock and rubbing her pussy i caught by her underarms and picked her and told my turn i removed her pant she was wearing a black panty i kissed her pussy and then took out her panty and started to lick her pussy she was very hot and dripping wet so i told what should i do she told put that thing in this i asked her are u a virgin she replied yes i told this may pain a little saying this i made her sleep flat on her back and kept my cock at her pussy entrance she got a shock and asked will it fit i told don’t worry and pushed in but it was very slippery so i wasn’t able to put it then i guided my cock and with 1push it went a little then i pushed a little more and half of my tool went in she was crying tears were flowing and i put my hand on her mouth and pushed fully inside and then some bold came out she was exhausted.

Then she cleaned her pussy and came back it was 20mins since we started and i wanted to c then she came and kissed me and started giving me blowjob i cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it and told I want more.

I began sucking her pussy and then her navel and then her boobs then kissed her she was moaning aah aah aah now she gave me a blowjob and my cock was alive and i placed it at pussy entrance it was hot and wet she had just had an orgasm while i sucked her, it was hot and i began the to and fro motion she was moaning and enjoying it even i was enjoying i fucked in missionary doggy style and she then rode my cock then we both cummed together i cummed inside her.

Then we had another session in bathroom we took bath together then wore our clothes

Then from that day till some days i fucked her many times i used to go to her house and she used to give blowjob and i used to fuck her.

After that her marriage was fixed and now she has two children

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